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Finding the correct trading strategy is difficult. Let us teach our proven approach that will put you on the correct side of the market time and time again. Think of how much time and money this will save you. Do NOT throw your hard earned money away to the markets! Our 1-on-1 coaching program will take care of any issues as they arise. We understand that people are individuals and need to be treated that way. During the early stages of trader development, we want to ensure you understand deeply so you have the underlying conviction in your trading skills and a plan going forward into the markets. Stranford Trade Group is dedicated to helping you win.

Instructor Background

John Stanford has over a decade of trading experience. He is currently a prop fund trader, an independent fund manager, and now founder of the Stranford Trade Group.  He is grateful to now share his knowledge worldwide.  

Our Mentorship.

Lets us prove it to you.

When I first began trading, I lost thousands of dollars and had thoughts of quitting. Those were hard lessons that I learned from. In hind sight, these were not necessary. If only I had a mentor that I could ask questions from the beginning. No one needs to make this same mistake. You can learn from someone elses to speed up the process to profitability. This is what is different about the Stranford Trade Group. We give you the option to either go it alone, or get a 1-on-1 mentor. Either is fine, but we understand that other online programs miss the grade. They build their programs to be an automated business because they would rather be on a beach somewhere in Bali than actually coaching 1-on-1. We take the adverse position. This program is not set up for the owners benefit. Everything we do here is for the success of our students. We truly live, eat, and sleep trading. We are willing to sacrifice and give more than what is expected. Lets US prove it to you!


Larry Rodgers
Pittsburgh PA
The video course helped me so much! It was the perspective shift i needed. Thankyou John!
London UK
After years of struggle I am now aware of why I wasnt sucessful before! Your the best! From my family to yours. Cheers!
Terry S.
Reno NVCompany
I am now in complete control of my trading! Opening my pocket and letting them fill it up! Thanx!